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Lee Allen - Artist Vandura

Lee Allen - Artist Vandura

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At the request of NVRLand Collectibles, three design legends were given the challenge of each creating a one-of-a-kind GMC Vandura, infused with their unique artistic vision.

Lee Allen's "War Dog" roars with the spirit of a warrior. Its design embodying the rugged and fearless nature of a battle-hardened companion, with motifs that speak of strength and resilience.

  • One of Only 300 in Collection
  • Custom Paint & Decal Process
  • Rubber Tires
  • Metal Chasis
  • Exclusive NVR Purple Base
  • Soft Touch Packaging Printed in USA
  • Digital CoA and Matching Collectible
  • Embedded NFC Technology

The GMC Vandura is a classic American van, renowned for its robust construction and versatility. The 1983 model, with its boxy design and iconic grille, remains a symbol of 1980s automotive style, often remembered for its appearances in popular culture, including the TV show "The A-Team."

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