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NVRLand Collectibles

Lee Allen - NVR Alt Vandura

Lee Allen - NVR Alt Vandura

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At the request of NVRLand Collectibles, three design legends were given the challenge of each creating a one-of-a-kind GMC Vandura, infused with their unique artistic vision.

This alternative Vandura color set represents NVRLand's unique interpretation of Lee Allen's original creation. With subtle, yet distinctive modifications, this diecast collectible is the perfect compliment to Lee's artistic vision.

  • One of Only 300 in Collection
  • Custom Paint & Decal Process
  • Rubber Tires
  • Metal Chasis
  • Exclusive NVR Purple Base
  • Soft Touch Packaging Printed in USA
  • Digital CoA and Matching Collectible
  • Embedded NFC Technology

The GMC Vandura is a classic American van, renowned for its robust construction and versatility. The 1983 model, with its boxy design and iconic grille, remains a symbol of 1980s automotive style, often remembered for its appearances in popular culture, including the TV show "The A-Team."

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